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MEV: data descriptor 

Published onOct 18, 2022
MEV: data descriptor 

Disclaimer: “This article is a final deliverable from Prof. Luyao Zhang's project entitled "Trust Mechanism Design: Blockchain for Social Good," supported by the 2022 Summer Research Scholarship (SRS) program at Duke Kunshan University. We give many thanks to DKU 2022 SRS program and SciEcon Insight editorial board.”

Part I: Research Summary


“AI Ethics on Blockchain: Topic Analysis on Twitter Data for Blockchain Security” (Work in progress)

Corresponding author: Prof. Luyao Zhang

Student Co-author: Zesen Zhuang, Yihang Fu


Flashbots, as one of the most popular tools that could address the MEV problem, also provides data for research use. This article is a data descriptor that shows how to implement Flashbots mev-inspect-py to query and analyze on-chain MEV data. The work is constructed as the following structure: 1. Trial results that could be derived from Flashbots 2. Key opponents or variables explanation 3. Guideline for using Flashbots and retrieving data.

Part II: Related Research

Academic Research in progress

“Blockchain Security” (Work in progress)

Corresponding author: Prof. Luyao Zhang

Student Co-author: Yihang Fu, Zesen Zhuang

Part III. Summer Research Scholar Spotlight

Yihang Fu

Yihang Fu is a junior undergraduate student at Duke Kunshan University majoring in Data Science. He received a quarter-admission scholarship and was supported by the 2022 Summer Research Scholarship. He is passionate about interdisciplinary Study and conducts pieces of research in different fields such as Blockchain security, natural language analysis, environment study, etc. He is keen on exploring and looks forward to converting the in-book knowledge to real-life applications. Yihang is also a member of SciEcon CIC.

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